Irresistibly Delicious Meals

Stress-free convenience.

Enjoy wholesome, balanced meals freshly prepared in your kitchen
by a professional chef.

Savor Chefs is an in-home, weekly meal planning and preparation service. You will be matched with a personal chef
who will come to your home on a designated day and time once or twice a week and handle every detail of meal preparation
– from menu planning and grocery shopping to cooking, packaging, and cleaning.

Choose Your Membership
& Create an Account

Decide which membership works for you; if you would like your dedicated chef to come once or twice a week and how many meals you would like prepared at each session.

You will have the same chef every week and they will cook for you on a set schedule that you determine.

After you create an account, you will be able to fill out your member profile with all of your dietary needs and preferences.

Select & Customize Your Meals

Prior to your weekly session, browse our globally inspired seasonal menu, select your favorite dishes and customize the recipes to fit your preferences and nutritional needs.

Your chef becomes well versed on the unique tastes of your household, so in addition to the customization options online, they will further tailor the recipes to suit your needs based on any feedback you have given them week to week.

We Shop, Cook, Package
& Clean for You

Your chef will purchase quality ingredients based on your household’s shopping preferences, then artfully prepare your meals, in your kitchen, using your cookware.

Next, your chef will package and label each meal for your convenience and safely store them in your refrigerator with simple instructions for heating and serving. Finally, your chef will clean up, so you return to a spotless kitchen.

Change Your Lifestyle Forever
with No-Stress Meals

Finish your busy day knowing a balanced, delicious meal is waiting for you.  Spend more quality time with family and friends doing things that you enjoy and less time stressing over weekly meal preparation. Trusting our inventive chefs to cook healthy and delectable weekly meals allows you to enrich your life and embrace a lasting lifestyle change.

Feel good about your food.
Browse our menu of healthy, balanced meals made from the freshest responsibly-sourced ingredients. Only those with an active Meal Plan Membership are able to make adjustments to menu items and place orders online.

Savor Your Time. Nourish
Your Body. Enrich Your Life.

At Savor Personal Chefs, we believe food is fuel, and when necessary, medicine. What we put into our bodies determines the energy we put into our lives. We take pride in hand-picking the freshest ingredients and crafting recipes that balance nutrition with tasty meals in satisfying portions. Our mission is to free you from the stress of weekly meal-prep. You may love to cook, but the hours spent planning, shopping, cooking, portioning, packaging, and cleaning takes the joy out of weekly meal preparation. We cook for busy families who want to reclaim meal-time, as family time. We cook for couples who want to eat better, together and for singles who have places they'd rather be than in the kitchen. We help folks on specific nutritional plans stick to their prescribed diets as well as those who want to make changes to their food habits but find it intimidating. Whoever you are, and whatever your lifestyle, Savor Personal Chefs is here to help you savor your time, nourish your body, and enrich your life.
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