Meet Our Chefs

Every chef on our team has a passion for cooking and respect for fresh, responsibly sourced ingredients. Our chefs love helping people expand their palates and become more adventurous with food. Think of your in-home personal chef as a culinary concierge, guiding you and your loved ones through delicious new experiences. Your dedicated in-home chef will develop a personal relationship with you, becoming an extension of your family, and working into your busy schedule.

Chef Kevin Brothers

Meet Chef Kevin Brothers. Founder/Co-Owner of Savor Personal Chef Services. Super Serious Chef. Really Rad Guy.
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Chef Shawn Greenfeld

Chef Shawn didn’t always dream of being a chef, he was actually quite a picky eater growing up. He got his start in the culinary world at 18yrs old.
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Chef Akemi Parker

Despite cooking being part of her life since childhood, she never pictured herself becoming a chef and only made the career switch in 2010.
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Chef Jeff Lyons

Chef Jeff finds inspiration in a variety of interesting places in both his culinary and personal life.
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Chef Felicia Lewandowski

Chef Felicia has been in the industry since age 13 in one way or another and food and nutrition have helped shape her life on many levels.
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