Chef Akemi Parker

Personal Chef

Chef Akemi’s passion for cooking began at the age of 6 helping her grandmother in the kitchen. She “graduated” from prep cook to sous chef over the years as they prepared meals together for both their large family as well as community events for up to 200 people. Even with all her fond experiences, she didn’t envision herself having a culinary career.

After being involved in 2 car accidents in 2010, Chef Akemi knew that when she was able to return to work, she wanted to work with food. She enrolled in culinary school and set out to learn all that she could about food, cook and applied nutrition.

What has been the most fulfilling cooking experience for you as a chef? 

The most fulfilling cooking experience for me has been transforming the way people think about and relate to food. I’ve been lucky enough to do this quite a few times through the program I’ve created called Green Eating. I’ve used Green Eating principles when I cooked for foster girls in Baltimore City, special needs students in Baltimore County and clients throughout Howard County and the Baltimore Metro Area. My heart smiles when a client tells me that they never would of thought they’d eat this or that, when a student gets excited to reap the harvest we’ve planted or when a client expresses relief when we’ve tried something new with their diet and it’s working out well.

What elements create an exceptional meal?

The elements to an exceptional meal include attention to detail, using fresh herbs and fragrant spices to maximize flavor, quality ingredients, creativity and a good sense of timing.

What’s your favorite meal to cook and why?

My favorite food to cook and to eat will always be tacos – hand fried in a nice cast iron skillet. It reminds me of family meals with both my immediate and extended family. We are from Southern California and no one does tacos like we do!

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