Chef Jeff Lyons

Personal Chef

Chef Jeff was inspired to cook by watching a television show called Yan Can Cook with Chef Martin Yan. He would see a dish made on TV and try to make it come to life in his own kitchen at home.

*Trivia Fact : Yan Can Cook won a James Beard Award for Best TV Cooking Show (beating out Cooking with Master Chefs with Julia Childs)

What has been the most fulfilling cooking experience for you as a chef?

During my time as a chef in a healthcare environment I noticed that patients in an extended care setting have control over few things in their life except for their food. When I arrived I encountered an attitude among the staff that treated special needs and requests regarding meals as offensive. Changing the culture in that kitchen to one where we wanted every meal to make someone smile was fulfilling. Your food is a big part of your physical and emotional well being which is doubly important in that setting.

What’s your favorite meal to cook and why?

If I’m going to be the one eating it then Vegetable Lasagna is number one on the list because it’s my favorite thing to eat. When I’m bringing something to a party I like to make a variety of sushi because it really gets a wonderful reaction and is delicious!

What other interests and hobbies do you have outside of the kitchen?

I have a variety of collections including coins, old video games and vintage Baltimore related memorabilia. I also spend some of my spare time practicing a form of Japanese fencing called Kendo.

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