Custom Service Membership

Your chef will create menus based on your specific dietary needs and preferences and email you your menu options each week.

Breakfast and lunch are available with the Customized Service Membership, but are not currently available with our Meal Plan Membership.

This service is billed at an hourly rate.

for planning/shopping/travel
(typically 1.5-2.5 hrs depending on number of meals)

for on site preparation
(approximately 1 hr per dinner
& .5 hr per breakfast/lunch)

Plus the cost of groceries

Time estimates do not vary significantly based on the number of portions

Grocery bill is typically significantly less than that of Meal Plan Memberships after the first several weeks as menus are written with your pantry, garden, CSA membership etc. in mind

Minimum of 2 meals prepared in single session and a maximum of 4 days’ worth of meals (in order to maintain the integrity of the product).

Ideal for anyone who has multiple food allergies or aversions, specialized nutritional needs outside of the ones that our regular menu accommodates or a combination of the two within their household.

Ideal for a family trying to please a variety of palates (especially children), different nutritional lifestyles within the same household, or for those who simply want to see new menu items every week and play a more integral part in the menu planning process.

If you are considering this the Custom Service Membership, we are happy to provide time/price estimates for your specific needs. Please email us at for more information.